Application and Submission

Please Copy and Paste the Application into a Word Document, fill out, and send standard postal service with deposit or full workshop amount.



Phone #:


Please answer the following questions so we can learn more about you and your creative pursuits.

a) What inspires you? What artists, writers, musicians or other creative person/people do you admire?

b) Why do you want to participate in this workshop?

c) List some of your passions, desires, secret talents, skills, or something you are just plain good at doing:

NOTE: Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. If you do not get into your workshop of choice your Pre-Deposit Check will be fully refunded. If the workshop fills or is cancelled your deposit check will be refunded in full. If you are accepted to the workshop and have to cancel due to any reason Two Little Wishbones will retain the Pre-Deposit Check and be under no obligation to return it.

Two Little Wishbones
c/o Tania Katan & Angela Ellsworth
4132 E. Almeria Road
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Make checks payable to: Two Little Wishbones.

We will review application / submission and get back to you as soon as we receive it. We look forward to working with you!

Please call or email with any questions: 602.957.5203



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